The recent short squeeze on the Gamestop stock by Reddit users has all the makings of a Billion’s episode. Picture Chuck Rhodes attempting to commandeer a band of rogue millennials to run-up one of Axe’s short positions. Axe is forced to call some of his hedge fund brethren for a capital infusion to cover his positions. I will provide my email so the writers can send my royalty checks.

While it is good fodder for news media, politicians and the “bro” crowd, people have been chasing “quick money” for eons. Just recently a friend of mine was lamenting about not…

Every time I hear the National Anthem my eyes well up. Our country has some of the brightest and innovative minds in the world. We are leaders in technology, medicine and science. The rest of the world looks to America to provide leadership and guidance during difficult times. Other countries send their best and brightest to our shores for medical schools and residencies. These are not xenophobic ideals; we are the de facto standard.

Empty Louvre

Most likely you have had a Corona virus. The virus has a variety of presentations like the common cold. The Covid-19 virus is not the common…

Photo: Brad Meinck

I am a sucker for charity auctions. Usually when the auctioneer scans the crowd his eyes stop with mine. I watch as he draws in a deep pull of breath knowing he has a live one in the room. Even with this foreknowledge, I am duty bound to make poor choices. My wife has become quite adept at confiscating my paddle during lots that she has no vested interest. Once, I even picked up my neighbor’s paddle and bid for an item on his number, only to have my wife quietly lean over and say, “That’s not our number”. …

Photo credit: Vaida Tamošauskaitė

I am not a chef, artist, musician or even could be considered that cool. However, I have experienced some of the most amazing travel journeys. I remember a trip to Egypt with my father where we ventured out of the safe confines of the hotel Semiramis to take a taxi to the market Khan el-Khalili. We didn’t speak the language, know the customs, or understand the geography. We wandered narrow passage ways, stepping to the side as lamb herders guided their flock past in preparation for the break of the fast and marveled at wonderful stalls containing spices, antiques and…

Bradley Meinck

Commercial Realtor, bluegrass enthusiast and part-time hack.

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